Enviro Tours

"Enviro-Tour" with us! Every day, we take a two-hour island tour and journey into time and history! Cruise the Florida Bay's Everglades Marine Habitat in our specially equipped Zodiac style AB inflatable. Explore with us the quiet mangrove islands as you watch for dolphins, manatees, bald eagles and great white herons, or roseate spoonbills. Nineteen million years ago, a miraculous feat of nature occurred: The places that we know as the Florida Keys and the Florida Everglades were born. Over time, these naturally-formed wonders developed and blossomed. They continue to do so today. Caribbean Watersports' Enviro-Tours invite you to explore this pristine paradise with us by water, as we take you out on an unforgettable discovery of our backyard! Climb aboard and you're on your way to a place few people ever get to see and experience, South Florida's breathtaking backcountry. Combining the thrill of rafting and the sheer pleasure of being so close to nature you'll speed across Florida Bay with one of our experienced nature guides at the helm. An incredible voyage with a flexible itinerary that may change as often as nature itself. Float past shallow creeks and quiet inlets, undisturbed islands and unruly mangrove forests. Discover old Indian canoe trails and newly formed meadows of dense seagrass. See new islands forming and hammocks of ancient hardwoods. Be on the lookout for the area's diverse wildlife in their native habitats! On any given outing, you may come upon endangered species like the Florida Manatee or the American Bald Eagle. Take in sandy shorelines sculpted by the hands of time. Keep a close eye out for the stunning flame-pink plumage of the Roseate Spoonbill, or the brilliant white of the Great White Heron. Spot flocks of laughing gulls or a pod of playful bottle-nosed Dolphins. Get a chance to pet a 300 million year old species - the Horseshoe Crab, or have a shark encounter with a baby Blacktip or Bonnethead while they hunt for food in their shallow underwater nursery. We even get a glimpse of the Saltwater Crocodile either a 5' footer or up to 11' feet at times! On our romantic sunset tour, watch the sun slowly sink into the sea in a fiery display of blazing red and orange. An exhilarating experience - whichever tour you decide to take. You can cruise the Florida back country on our new Zodiac type AB Inflatable, Enviro-Tours takes you to picturesque places you won't soon forget! The Zodiac type inflatable has been the ecology movement's new wave of the future, allows us to float in only 6" of water, stealthy moving into quiet creeks, looking for wildlife found only here in the Keys. From Cousteau to Greenpeace, the advantages of this agile, shallow-draft boat are unmatchable. Our new 17 foot, six passenger, AB Inflatable RIB is powered with the new 115 HP four-stroke eco-friendly Mercury Marine outboard for operation near noise-sensitive areas, a perfect combination for the backcountry shallows. You'll travel 10 to 15 miles, but you'll venture back to the beginnings of time. Come. Let us introduce you to this very special corner of the universe, so you may personally experience what environmentalists the world over consider one of the earth's most fragile and unique eco-systems. An area packed with natural excitement, wonderment and surprise. Come. Discover the incomparable Florida Keys and Florida Everglades backcountry with us. ... on a tour unlike any other!