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Caribbean Watersports

97450 South Overseas Highway Key Largo, FL

1st Floor Sol by the Sea Marina @ Playa Largo Resort

MAIN LINE: 305-852-4707
BEACH: 305-619-7844

Please call/text us instead of email unless requesting information or  availability more than the next 7 days or more. Thank you!

Equipment For Sale

2000 CWS Aerial Pro 30 Reconditioned Parasail Boat and Equipment

2023 Crystal Clear Kayak new $2000. 

Looking for Employment? Our App and Contact us Direct

New Job Listings:

Captain for Enviro-Tours and Sailing Instructor

Captain w/Aux Sailing Endorsement

Crews: Mate on Carolina Moon 24 passenger Aux Powered 37′ x 22.5′ Sailing Catamaran

Sales: Beach Manager, Counter Assistance, Activity Director